01 Taquería Sanchez

01 Taqueria Sanchez

January 1, 2010

4541 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Mar Vista

Carmen and I went to Sanchez to kick off 2010. Sanchez is an old favorite, and the awesome pleasures of its tacos form a good part of my belief in the merits of this year’s taco project. I ordered three tacos – one each of al pastor, carne asada, and chicken, along with a Jarritos Limon. The tacos are $1.35 each, and are pretty big – an excellent value.

The al pastor is excellent, tender, with a consistent texture, with plenty of fruity and savory flavors going on. The smoky orange salsa from the salsa bar is a good complement to it both in color and flavor. The carne asada is also excellent, with a good, consistent texture, steaky beefy flavors that come through the spices, and an almost buttery taste too. The tortillas were quite pleasing – doubled up, they have a leathery exterior that is pleasant to hold and did not become saturated, and have a toothy al dente mouth feel.

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