This site serves as an archive for project AB0907, the “cincuenta taquerías” project, by Los Angeles architect James Black. In 2010, James intends to visit a minimum of 50 taco shops in the Los Angeles area. Wherever available, he will sample the carne asada and al pastor tacos, photograph the tacos and the taquería, and record his impressions for posterity.

Better than a mere New Year’s Resolution, it is hoped that the experience will provide numerous benefits: an education in the finer distinctions of tacos; exposure to new and overlooked restaurants; a reason to practice photography; a compulsion to get out of the rut of eating at the same restaurants all the time; explorations of different and diverse parts of the city; new bicycle rides to taco destinations; a reason to plan an easy outing each week with a high probability of satisfaction; many delicious, inexpensive meals; and a way to make 2010 memorable.