X2 Fritland

X2 Fritland

March 6, 2010

49 Henri Maus Street, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

During a two-week European vacation, I ate only one thing called a taco. The fried triangle you see in the picture was a menu item at fried-foods mecca Fritland in central Brussels, and it was called simply “Taco”. It consisted of a meaty, curry-flavored sludge, wrapped into a tortilla before being breaded and fried. This is basically a taco-inspired croquette, and reminded me of a samosa or something from a Japanese convenience store. In the photo you will also see a “poulycroc”, which is essentially a gigantic version of a Burger King chicken fry.

Of course, it was delicious. Anybody who tells you they don’t enjoy fried starches is most likely either a liar or self-delusional.

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